Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life Up Date

I definitely miss blogging a whole lot and all my blog friends, hope that I can come back to it soon. I tried to do a blog a week, but that didnt work. So, whats been going on you ask?

Work: I have that second job working 10-15hrs a week at an aunts business, as an office administrator. There is always something to do so that job gives me a lot of energy. Its new. At my old job or my full time job everything is same ol' same ol' thing. Good news, my boss is leaving the organization after 11 years. I actually did some bura bura for him to leave to a better places at the beginning of this year. Didnt think it worked, but 6 months later he is going. He will take a year off to travel the world. wow! Now, I need to do some bura bura for me to get his job. :)

  My business: What can I say I dont put much into it, the website kinda just sits there. Dont know how to get traffic on it. Not too worried about it, it will happen when it does.

 Personal: What can I say its like living with two kids under 5 and a teen boy, the 3 of them drive me nuts, kids and daddy. Yet, Im so blessed to have a family so beautiful.  We want to take the 4th of July weekend to go camping. We want to go to Yosemite, but it is booked, so is Sequoia. So we need to think of something else. Maybe, camping on the beach. Miztli my 5 year old picked up skate boarding and I picked up watercolor painting. I will take a picture and share soon, I just filled in the colors, dont think I became an artist over night, lol.  By the way the watercolor painting was inspired by Magic Love Crow.

  School/Study: Well, Im part of the Executive Board for my school, People's College of Law. I try to be as active as possible as it is a student run school for the most part. On the studying, Im getting more of it done. With the new part time job I have lots of extra cash, so I have invested in some study material, about $250. I wish I can take a prep course but those are about $4000. So, Im good with the extra study material called BAR Secrets, they are really good, very visual with charts and all. The plan is to take the exam for February 2014, I have the money saved for the exam already, so that wont be a problem again. Im really exited to start to study, I need to get that little paper they call a license to stop some of this abuse of power by some folks.

  Spiritually: Im on pause on that. Haven't been doing much, but my dailies or weeklies I should say, its down to cleaning my house on the weekends. Although, I have been listening to the secret on CD and I just got The Four Agreements on CD too. The Four Agreements is a really good book, Ive been putting it to practice and it helps to be mindful with my words.

Well, thats about it ladies. Busy busy as can be. Again, I really do miss reading your blogs and reading your comments.

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