Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Pirul grows as a tree and is the green leafy bunch's I put together. This past Sunday we took a hike by our home and noticed a lady walking with a hand full, as I looked around I noticed that there was a tree growing close to the ground on a side as these trees are very tall and hard to get to the branches. It has little red seeds as you can see in the picture.

Im getting there, what is it for. In our community these branches are used for cleansing. Have you ever watched a movie with a lady or shaman sweeping a person with a bunch of green leaves? Well, these are it.

They can be used to clean a person from negative vibes and or a home. I personally have used this herb in several occasions. When you are cleansing a person you want to make sure they are standing in their front door with the door open and their back to the outside and you make sweeping motions as to sweep out the negative. You can also clean the home in the same way, start at the back door to the front of the house and out the front door.

I also like to hang a fresh bunch in my front door on the inside of the home to keep bad away.


  1. Do you know what states these trees are native to? Once all this snow clears out I'll be curious to see if we have any here in northern Michigan.

    1. It's native to South America its known as an American pepper-tree, Peruvian pepper tree, they have red little peppers. Hope you finds some up there, Im sure you will.

  2. They are also found in South Texas, I have a Pirul tree in my backyard and use it weekly for cleansing rituals and shamanic cleansings


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