Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Official

I had my second child to bring a sibling for our first and only child. You see I grew up  living a lonely life as an only child and so my partner and I embarked on a new journey, a second child. The first couple of months of my pregnancy were great, everyone said it was a girl, even the old wise women I call mama-nita, my grandmother on my mothers side, who I happen to be named after.

So, I shopped and bought little dresses and little shoes and a "little sister" onesie which by the way I still have hanging in my closet. I want a little girl so bad it hurts it makes me want to cry, who will I give my Book of Shadows to, if not my little girl? I could pass it down to Miztli who looks like he will become a great Wizard in deed. We will see, only time will tell.

In the mean time we have been compiling all the tips from everyone we talk to about having a little girl.  You would be surprised the advice we have received, everything from diet to position and the cycle of the moon. My partner was told a Full Moon is good for conceiving a girl and so this past full moon we gave it a go. We are going for the girl one last time, three children are more then enough for someone who swore she would be a childless old cat lady. It took us a long while to decide if we actually wanted to give it another try, considering the challenge the two boys are. But our hearts pound each time we see a little girl in the park, who then tags along with us and starts to call my partner daddy. It's official we are trying to get pregnant one last time.
We are taking another go at it.

Yea, my BAR exam is coming up and I will likely be prego while I sit there stressed out about the random legal question I just got asked and have no idea what to write. But that is life you either do something or not.


  1. Good luck! With both making a baby and writing the bar exam, LOL.

  2. Thank you, we need the luck with both. But what ever happens its not the end of the world.

  3. Good luck. Thanks for the link over... I'm looking forward to reading about your path.

  4. Thanks for dropping by, hope you like my blog.

  5. I hope you get your little girl! I conceived on a full moon and i am carrying a baby girl. I wanted a little baby girl witchling too. I know boys make excellent witches but this was not the way in our family and i really wanted a girl. Best of luck with conceiving and your bar exams!
    I am glad we found each others blogs!

    1. Me too, its a challenge finding likeminded people. Bless it be.


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