Monday, February 18, 2013

Ring My Bell

I read somewhere on line or in a book that bells ward off bad spirits, bad vibrations, negativity or what ever else you wish to call it. I've heard that bad spirits dont like the sound of bells. I guess that is why a mass always begins with the priest walking in while he rings a bell. Mass is a ritual on its self.

I also read that wind chimes are good room dividers, as they prepare the brain for a different room with a different purpose. Its also good because it lets you know when someone has come in the home. And if you have them around the house you can literally know what part of the house people are walking by.

At my moms house I had a wind chime separating each room, the kitchen from the dinning room and another from the kitchen to the living room and in the hall way that led to the bedroom, restroom and dinning room. In our apartment I haven't been able to do all that, although, I have recently added one on our front door. Which I think is the most important because it is the entrance of the home and sets the mood for the home.

I brought them from my moms home where they hanged from the living room to the patio. Now they are here at our front door, I purchased them several years ago at a World Market, I think that is the name of store. This store carries items from around the world, I believe this item is from recycled tags and it was made in the india.

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  1. That is true. Bells do ward off the negativity and also help with the intent of spirit. Those bells are beautiful and I wish I'd know about dividing rooms with them when my kids were little. That would've come in handy! :)


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