Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Altar's

 I love having altars all around my home. This is the altars right at the entrance of my home.

It includes little nicknacks I find threw-out the years. Crystals always play a part in my altars and sea shells.

The candle holder you see next to the Wizard was a gift back in 2001 from the first Wiccan I met. She noticed my pentagram and said "Bless it be", my eyes opened wide and responded with the same Blessing.

This past year I bought a large pink quartz heart which is right in front of my white quarts, a gift from my mother. Next to the quarts you can see a small bowl of sea salt with a cayenne pepper, not sure how that got there but when I saw it there I just left it there. I also put my crystal rings on the sea salt bowl when I come home from the worldly world.

A money tree and a feather my oldest son brought back from our last camping trip. And my most precious of all treasures, a large purple corral brought back form a La Habana, Cuba on one of my visits. It was found on one of my trips the the beach with my soul mate when in our honey moon stage. The yellow and green container is one of my partners Santos from the Orishas tradition.

This is the altar I keep for my ancestors, it includes the first two generations of witches in my family. My great-grandmother on my mothers side, mother of my grandfather, at the bottom left. My aunt Silvia the second generation at the top left, she is my mothers oldest sister. Her and I shared a birthday together, it truly was a special relationship in deed.

My aunt kept a life size statue of Venus in white porcelain at the entrance to her home. As soon as I saw this replica at a pagan pride festival I new I had to get it for her. I like to keep a candle burning most of the time, usually when I think of them and miss them or when I would like some help. A cup of water and a beer for my uncle at the bottom right who was a drinker. Every now and then I add some coffee or some wine or someones favorite food or drink.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Out of the broom closet

 I was never in the broom closet. When I first found my path back in 2000 I never looked back and I never denied my path.

Everyone I know knows the path that I follow, I do not come out and say it the first time we meet for the most part, but sometimes I do...."I'm a Witch". Im also a recovering Catholic and that religion did me great harm. I know first hand how damaging it can be for the image of a young women and her natural sexuality.

With that being said I will go into a most unpleasant experience I had just yesterday. It was the first day back form the Holidays and my co-workers asked how I spent them during lunch. I of course told them of my "Merry Yule in deed" (which you can read about below). One of my co-workers is a hard core Catholic she is even part of the youth ministry and the other is also Catholic by name only, a bit more open minded and less judgmental. She is doing her confirmation so that she can get married with her husband by civil law.

So there I was sharing my wonderful Yule and my hard-core Catholic co-worker basically turned her back at me and completely ignored me. That was not the problem though the problem was that she was sending lots of negative energy my way, I could feel it, it was bad. I found the need to run down stairs to the law firm where I did my internship where there are lots of high powerful women and most are on a similar paths as I.

I went to hug my friend Lana who has begun her Wiccan/Pagan path a few months ago. It was wonderful, we chatted for 15 minutes about her crystal shopping and her dreams. She actually dram with her spirit guide, a native from south america. Well, I told her it was her spirit guide, I think he is. Im glad I have women who walk similar paths close by.

My cousin and I actually talked about being out at work, she said she too works with a hard-core Christian who would not share an office with her is she new she was a witch. She said she does not feel it is her job to teach others about her path. I on the other hand am in your face about it, I want you to tell me something so I can give you my come back. Im a lawyer without a license so I look and create situations that will allow me to make a point. That is just the way I am.

I think Im going to have to talk to my co-worker about her attitude and the energy she sends my way. It is unacceptable in this time and place of our evolution.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Yule in deed.

We spent the night at my favorite aunt's house and her three children my cousins, we now have kids of our own. My aunt's first child is my cousin Lillian a fellow witch. I'd say a bit more advance in her abilities although I have more book knowledge she is stronger then I, or at least I think she is.

She is a few years older then I and is my only family member who is openly a witch. Actually, she is the one that gave me my first set of Tarot cards back when I was 16 because they where new and she allowed me to play with them and I ended up over powering them, so that she ended up giving them to me. She is also the one who introduced me to the Cuban Babaloa I currently see. Anyhow, it is wonderful being able to share and talk to a fellow witch.

She made mention of her personal experiences she had when she went to Machu Picchu this past summer. She is a healer and her dream is to be holistic healer with the ability to look at you and know what ills you, currently she is a RN. She also made mention that she has been working with a medium and that she was told we are third generation witches. My grandfather's mother was the first generation, my aunt Silvia and my mom are second generation, although my mom is not a practicing witch she has the knowledge and every now and then she shares bits and pieces. In fact just yesterday we went to my aunts house together and she was the center of attention sitting in the middle of the kitchen with pen and paper doing numerology readings for the new year for everyone who wanted a reading. I saw it first hand while she calculated the numbers she would go into deep personal issues of the person sitting before her and gave them her wise advise.

It truly was a wonderful night with the bonfire and herb burning. Lillian also did a couple of card readings for me, she read my Angel cards and my Medicine Cards. In my Medicine Card I received the a message from the Antelope "If you feel stymied, momentarily lacking clarity or focus, call on Antelope
medicine. If you are balled up and twisted in knots, Antelope powers will speak to you of proper action and soon set you free. Many ingenious solutions to such problems are whispered by Antelope. Listen, and even more importantly, act. Surround yourself with the illumination and secret knowledge of Antelope. Combine this with action and you will overcome any obstacle or hindrance in your path. If Antelope is your Centering Tree and strong personal medicine, thank Great Spirit. Say what should be said. Your judgment is sound and your actions will be successful. Always listen to what Antelope has to say to you. For Antelope indicates a message of higher purpose. Antelope arms you with the Bow of Authority, and forces
you to act on behalf of self, family, clan, nation, and finally Mother Earth.

Antelope says, "Do it now. Do not wait any longer." Antelope knows the way,and so do you. Take courage and leap; your sense of timing is perfect. The time is now.The power is you."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Wand that didn't Work


I just walked into my kid's room and put a way some books I just finished reading to them and I noticed that Miztli's (my first child) placed his Magick wand in his special place on his book case (that is where he puts all the important toys so they don't get misplaced).

You see a few weeks ago we went for a Saturday afternoon walk around our new neighborhood and Miztli found his Magick wand. He picked it up and gave it a swirl while saying, "my Magick wand", then he put it in my mommy bag. Can you tell mommy's bag is full of stuff, there you will find just about everything, from diapers to extra socks and snacks.

After coming back from our walk Miztli ran up stairs and went to his room, who to follow, but Tlalli (our youngest child). Miztli turned as Tlalli walked in and said "disappear" as he waived his wand. In unbelief he turned around and looked at me and said "it didn't work".


Of course, that lead to a motherly lecture about good and bad, being naughty or nice and how sometimes we do get exactly what we ask for, so he shouldn't be wishing someone gone, specially when down deep inside you really do love the person. I guess we all have done that once or twice in our life.

By the same token I do think its kinda funny, not so much his intent of making his brother disappear, but the willingness of him to believe in a Magick wand. Of course what he knows about Magick wands is what he has seen in movie's and the such, so he sees Magick as something different then you and I.

Some of Our Work

 Red Corral 
Jade, Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz and Amethyst
Rose and Cherry Quartz

Jade and Cherry Quartz

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Sure, I like to watch TV. Most of all series about Magick, one of the series I recently finished on Netflix is Merlin.  It keeps my mind open to the endless possibilities and makes me wonder If I will one day be able to move the elements that way and if so what does it take.

I began to watch it again as it is very difficult to find something that is fun and entertainment for me. At the moment Im watching Robbin Hood, also on Netflix. Finished Monk, which is super funny, I think. In cartoons we (family) have watched Avatar the last air-bender a few times.

Do you have any recommendations for me? I dont think Im going to be able to watch a 3rd time around of Merlin.

Whispers in the Air

A few months ago, my partner and I watched Ancient Aliens the History Channels series. It was a wonderful journey and mind boggling.

My mother is a wise women and reaches beyond my understanding of life. For the past 15 or more she has been attending a Theosophy Hall. She is most knowledgeable and she is the first person who taught me about Magick, its rules and its down falls. 

So after watching this series I had to ask her what she thought and if in fact there where aliens as we know them to be. I asked her are there aliens, beings from another world, on her homes front porch as we looked out into the sky. She went on to give me one of those long philosophical answers where every other word she speaks I do not understand. I had to stop her by saying, "No, are there beings from another world yes or no?. She answered "yes, the empty space you see before you is not empty at all, there are other dimensions here within our world, some people can see other dimensions and some cannot". 

Ancient Aliens makes mention of space ships and refers to bible passages that make reference to them. I asked her about that and she said yes they could be right up there in the air and we just cant see them. 

Wow, I was in a bit of a state of shock. I went to work like that, actually I went to my internship at a law firm. When I walked in the door I noticed that the hallway door was open as I saw the end of the hall way, I walked into the reception area to say good morning and in just a minute or two I walked out to head into the offices. However, this time around that hallway door which was just opened a minute ago was now closed. Of course that put my senses on alert and about 45 minutes later as I was siting with a co-worker as she taught me the computer programs they use I heard something. It was just the two of us sitting there, a few seconds before the file clerk walked in I heard a voice, it was horsed and low it whispered "Annnna". As soon as the clerk walked in I questioned her, "did you say something before you walked in? did you call my name?" She looked puzzled. Then my co-worker turns and says, "I heard it too". At that moment I felt a chill all over my body and a great need to cry. 

I dont know if it was a confirmation from the earlier conversation I had with my mom, all I know is that I will never forget it. What do you think it was? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angels and Demons

My partner and I have been discussing the bible, its stories, mythology, movies and our research on line of the concepts of good vs. evil, angels vs. demons and the like.

Many religious scriptures speak of theses beings, which had the power of flight, some are depicted with wings and others are not.

What I have gathered from these stories is the following. There was a time that all lived happily, until one day the Angel Lucifer the most beautiful of all thought he was better then God , which might of been a King of some sort and/or alien. The King/God/alien then casted Lucifer and his followers to Earth, I read somewhere it was 200 of them. Wikipedia makes mention of 72 demons each have their own legions they command and each have a given task/duty/powers.

Then we have the Archangels, Angels and other beings that help the King/God/alien agains evil. They too have a task/duty/powers.

I usually refer to good and bad as energy but never really thought of energy as having a purpose on its own. I thought we gave it a purpose, if that makes sense at all.

There are hundred of stories of people who have killed who insist that they did so because they where told by the devil or what they believed to be the devil because who or what else would tell a person to harm another. So, they claim that they simply followed the orders they where given.

I will give you a very personal example. I have a wonderful life and would never think of harming my self. Yet, when I am in a roof or on a bridge, in any place where I can see down from up high, I hear a voice which tells me to jump, while I drive if Im driving over a large over pass to another FWY, I hear a voice that tells me to drive off. What is this? I know its not me. I would never think of such a thing, I wouldn't even protest by participating in a hunger strike. I think that is stupid to put your life at risk for a cause, when you are more useful to the cause alive not dead.

I once made mention to my partner regarding this reoccurring thought when it came to my fear of heights, he told me he had the same thought to jump from his home in Cuba as it was on the second floor and had a large window in the living room. He said he told the voice, "who are you and what do you want? I will not jump, so leave me alone". He said, he never heard the voice again, but that he too gets the same thoughts while driving. Another lady I spoke to about this said that when she was a child around 9-10 she would always walk by a cliff  going home and every time she walked by she would hear a voice telling her to jump. She said she never did because she was usually with her little brothers and sisters and new that if she jumped so would they.

So what is this good and evil, angels and demons. Is it real do they really exist, is that battle still taking place? And most importantly what side am I on?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Myth or Real?

Last night after the boys where down my partner and I watch the movie Thor. We began to have a fascination with mythology and its gods and goddesses a while back. I my self have been looking for answers for some time now. Which is how I came to Wicca or how Wicca came to me. That is a story all on its own and I might write about it some day.

 My partner and I have been doing some general research, by reading and surfing the net. A bible verse that has made us have some question is Genesis 6:2 "the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose." Does that mean that the sons of God are different then man? are we not the sons of God according the the Christian writings.
As below so above

 Could mythology stories be real? And we are simple mortals and the sons of God are immortal. There where a few part of the movie that called out to me, which I cant even remember at this point, I will definitely have to watch it a few times. There is a part of the movie in which Thor explains to a human the different detentions and how they relate. The whole movie, if true, was very educational in deed. The ending had wonderful imagery which included the tree of life, Thor made mention that the universe was like a tree of life, or I dreamed about it last night, not sure.

Now, I relate all those ideas with the last documentary I watched Thrive. This movie makes mention that the universe is a Thorus and that this geometrical form can provide the Human race with unlimited energy. This movie also illustrates how advansed knowledge is being shared with is. Can this knowledge being shared with us by the Gods? or God? or aliens? I mean what do we know really.

The more I read, the more I see, the more I question what I know, most of all what I dont know.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I want to grow old

Not sure when or how it happened, but I have felt this way for sometime now. I want to grow old and wise, to be a great witch that is. One of my dreams has always been to be that old lady you and your friends talk about, how great she is and how she was able to tell you things no one could of known.

That old lady that gives you a glimpse into your potential future and offers to ease your path. That old lady who works out of her home and welcomes everyone and anyone willing to have an open mind. Her home gives you a sense of security and assurance that everything will be okay. Her home smells pure and clean. As soon as you walk into her home you can feel the weight lifted from you shoulders. You walk out of there knowing that the power lays but in your hands.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cleansing your Home

Last night after the children where down for the night, I took a few minutes to cleanse our home.

After lighting our entrance altar and our ancestors altars, I burned our sage stick and took it all around the house from room to room. I included the restrooms and the bedrooms closet. I think its important to include the bedrooms closets as they are a dark place and great hiding place for elements which like the dark.

I try to do this cleansing at least once a week or when things seem to be going the wrong way. Be it stress with the children or fighting with my partner.

On a different note, I suggest to always sleep with a night light on. Be it a night light in each room or a hall way light on which gives light to all the rooms at the same time.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Duendes or Elf's

It wasn't until I was open to the idea of Duendes (elf's) that I began to pay attention.

My mothers home has always had activity in one way or another. My mom's roommate in particular was born with a special gift. He is extremely sensitive to other dimensions.

One day I made mention how I had noticed things going missing. I would go crazy looking for things. Random thinks like a book, keys, money or debit cards. He told me about duendes and how he had seen them running around the house, a shadow about two feet tall. I thought, you have to be kidding.

But then I really began to pay attention and notice things would go missing right in front of you. My mother would had me my debit card, I would put it in my pocket and by the time I got home it was gone. I would go crazy looking for it, I would accuse my mom of never giving it to me. Then out of no where two weeks later my mom finds it in the sofa.

Ive gone over to pick up my kids and in five minutes my keys are gone. We go crazy looking for them they show up a few days later in the most common of places. This only happens in her house and it happens to her and her roommate on a daily bases and it happens to me almost every time I step into that house.

It is said that duendes are the biggest pranksters that ever existed. They take things from you just to see you stress out about it, they think its hilarious. To a peace Duendes you must leave them candy and toys as they love to play and eat candy.

Physic Readings

Oh my! My Healing Apprenticeship is so incredible. We completed 2 days of a 3 day Physic Reading workshop. We learned how to do an Akashic R...