Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whispers in the Air

A few months ago, my partner and I watched Ancient Aliens the History Channels series. It was a wonderful journey and mind boggling.

My mother is a wise women and reaches beyond my understanding of life. For the past 15 or more she has been attending a Theosophy Hall. She is most knowledgeable and she is the first person who taught me about Magick, its rules and its down falls. 

So after watching this series I had to ask her what she thought and if in fact there where aliens as we know them to be. I asked her are there aliens, beings from another world, on her homes front porch as we looked out into the sky. She went on to give me one of those long philosophical answers where every other word she speaks I do not understand. I had to stop her by saying, "No, are there beings from another world yes or no?. She answered "yes, the empty space you see before you is not empty at all, there are other dimensions here within our world, some people can see other dimensions and some cannot". 

Ancient Aliens makes mention of space ships and refers to bible passages that make reference to them. I asked her about that and she said yes they could be right up there in the air and we just cant see them. 

Wow, I was in a bit of a state of shock. I went to work like that, actually I went to my internship at a law firm. When I walked in the door I noticed that the hallway door was open as I saw the end of the hall way, I walked into the reception area to say good morning and in just a minute or two I walked out to head into the offices. However, this time around that hallway door which was just opened a minute ago was now closed. Of course that put my senses on alert and about 45 minutes later as I was siting with a co-worker as she taught me the computer programs they use I heard something. It was just the two of us sitting there, a few seconds before the file clerk walked in I heard a voice, it was horsed and low it whispered "Annnna". As soon as the clerk walked in I questioned her, "did you say something before you walked in? did you call my name?" She looked puzzled. Then my co-worker turns and says, "I heard it too". At that moment I felt a chill all over my body and a great need to cry. 

I dont know if it was a confirmation from the earlier conversation I had with my mom, all I know is that I will never forget it. What do you think it was? 

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