Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Yule in deed.

We spent the night at my favorite aunt's house and her three children my cousins, we now have kids of our own. My aunt's first child is my cousin Lillian a fellow witch. I'd say a bit more advance in her abilities although I have more book knowledge she is stronger then I, or at least I think she is.

She is a few years older then I and is my only family member who is openly a witch. Actually, she is the one that gave me my first set of Tarot cards back when I was 16 because they where new and she allowed me to play with them and I ended up over powering them, so that she ended up giving them to me. She is also the one who introduced me to the Cuban Babaloa I currently see. Anyhow, it is wonderful being able to share and talk to a fellow witch.

She made mention of her personal experiences she had when she went to Machu Picchu this past summer. She is a healer and her dream is to be holistic healer with the ability to look at you and know what ills you, currently she is a RN. She also made mention that she has been working with a medium and that she was told we are third generation witches. My grandfather's mother was the first generation, my aunt Silvia and my mom are second generation, although my mom is not a practicing witch she has the knowledge and every now and then she shares bits and pieces. In fact just yesterday we went to my aunts house together and she was the center of attention sitting in the middle of the kitchen with pen and paper doing numerology readings for the new year for everyone who wanted a reading. I saw it first hand while she calculated the numbers she would go into deep personal issues of the person sitting before her and gave them her wise advise.

It truly was a wonderful night with the bonfire and herb burning. Lillian also did a couple of card readings for me, she read my Angel cards and my Medicine Cards. In my Medicine Card I received the a message from the Antelope "If you feel stymied, momentarily lacking clarity or focus, call on Antelope
medicine. If you are balled up and twisted in knots, Antelope powers will speak to you of proper action and soon set you free. Many ingenious solutions to such problems are whispered by Antelope. Listen, and even more importantly, act. Surround yourself with the illumination and secret knowledge of Antelope. Combine this with action and you will overcome any obstacle or hindrance in your path. If Antelope is your Centering Tree and strong personal medicine, thank Great Spirit. Say what should be said. Your judgment is sound and your actions will be successful. Always listen to what Antelope has to say to you. For Antelope indicates a message of higher purpose. Antelope arms you with the Bow of Authority, and forces
you to act on behalf of self, family, clan, nation, and finally Mother Earth.

Antelope says, "Do it now. Do not wait any longer." Antelope knows the way,and so do you. Take courage and leap; your sense of timing is perfect. The time is now.The power is you."

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