Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Wand that didn't Work


I just walked into my kid's room and put a way some books I just finished reading to them and I noticed that Miztli's (my first child) placed his Magick wand in his special place on his book case (that is where he puts all the important toys so they don't get misplaced).

You see a few weeks ago we went for a Saturday afternoon walk around our new neighborhood and Miztli found his Magick wand. He picked it up and gave it a swirl while saying, "my Magick wand", then he put it in my mommy bag. Can you tell mommy's bag is full of stuff, there you will find just about everything, from diapers to extra socks and snacks.

After coming back from our walk Miztli ran up stairs and went to his room, who to follow, but Tlalli (our youngest child). Miztli turned as Tlalli walked in and said "disappear" as he waived his wand. In unbelief he turned around and looked at me and said "it didn't work".


Of course, that lead to a motherly lecture about good and bad, being naughty or nice and how sometimes we do get exactly what we ask for, so he shouldn't be wishing someone gone, specially when down deep inside you really do love the person. I guess we all have done that once or twice in our life.

By the same token I do think its kinda funny, not so much his intent of making his brother disappear, but the willingness of him to believe in a Magick wand. Of course what he knows about Magick wands is what he has seen in movie's and the such, so he sees Magick as something different then you and I.

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