Monday, December 3, 2012

Cleansing your Home

Last night after the children where down for the night, I took a few minutes to cleanse our home.

After lighting our entrance altar and our ancestors altars, I burned our sage stick and took it all around the house from room to room. I included the restrooms and the bedrooms closet. I think its important to include the bedrooms closets as they are a dark place and great hiding place for elements which like the dark.

I try to do this cleansing at least once a week or when things seem to be going the wrong way. Be it stress with the children or fighting with my partner.

On a different note, I suggest to always sleep with a night light on. Be it a night light in each room or a hall way light on which gives light to all the rooms at the same time.


  1. curious on your comment why to leave a light on? We have just started turning all the lights off at night now the children are older, is there a reason I should leave one on?
    blessings, Alison xx

    1. My husband and I have been told that because negative/bad/evil beings/spirits/demons like darkness that we should always keep a light on why we sleep. My husband wont even wear black clothing. When I was told about that, it made me think about going out at night to throw the trash out, I always feel like there is something out there, I even feel it over me behind me. We went to a meet up for Santeria/Orisha teachings, that is where we were told to keep a light on.


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