Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Give Away Reminder

Ladies today is the last day to enter the free give away. Please look at previous post "Free Give Away" for rules. A few of you are very close, dont forget to comment which post was your favorite and why. Good luck to all and thanks for your support.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's True

It's about that time of the year again!

Its sad to realize that this is what I know.

I'm not feeling excited about it at all, but I do know it has to get done. I have a sea of emotions and doubts. I'm mad at my self because I didn't start sooner.

But when I thought about studying, I thought

I think, "what about if I cant do it?"

I know what my future holds for me!

Endless nights!
Endless nights..........

Three days of examination, Im in denial all three days


After, you know Im going to want to.....

But Im really going to

I try to stay focus on my goal

because I dont think this is the solution to our social problems!


In August to be exact.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Witche's Garden

I dont really know when it all happened but a day came when I realized the importance of herbs and food, mainly of learning how to grow our own food. When I found out of Monsanto's master plan to control the worlds food production it freaked the hell out of me.

Our home, my mother's home that is, began to have a major transformation. In the early 2000's we cut down four  huge and beautiful shade trees, I felt terrible about it. However, they did not produce much other then shade, that too is useful but in the great scheme of things not more so then food. In their place we planted five fruit trees, a cherry tree, an apple tree, a plum tree, a apricot tree and a peach tree. We have added so many more, a mango tree, a avocado tree, a lemon tree, two guava trees, a orange tree, a tangerine tree and a pomegranate.
We have attempted an organic garden two years in a row with some success. Lots of herbs like lavender, peppermint, lemon grass, aloe vera, horse tail, vervain, ginger and lots of peppers. We have a raspberry bush, a chayote vine we had a passion flower vine but our pit peed on it until it killed it he did the same to out coconut twice. I cant emphasize how important it is to be self sufficient.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Although, herbs can be used for magick and I do, I mostly use them for healing. Herbs are very important to me, Im a true believer that herbs can heal any and all illness if treated in time. I was introduced to herbs by the same individual that introduced me into law. He is truly the best herbalist and legal mind I know to date. He has a photographic memory and uses all his knowledge to help others, one of the few people I look up to, to read more visit

A must on my shelve Maca, which my husband and I call Maca Maca because it balances your hormones known to increase a females interest in the opposite sex. One of my favorites is Kava Kava to relax and let the day slip away, its my glass of wine. And for those long school nights, Im so glad those are over, for now, I like taking Ginkgo which improves blood supply going to the brain.

We mix these herbs in a milk shake or smoothies.

On that note I would like to share an herb mix I use, I actually mix and match depending on how Im feeling on that particular day. On this particular day I wanted some energy so I used some bee pollen and Kola Nut for that, Echinacea for strong immune system I always add that and in the back flaxseed for fiber.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

It was a Good Day

Yesterday was a great day. I was very productive and my hubby helped too. I got home early and got to working, you see before coming home I stopped by my aunts work place (who is also a witch). I noticed she was putting some vaseline on her hands, I told her she should try some coconut oil. She asked me to get her some and had me some cash. So, I thought what a great opportunity for me to concoct a batch of lotion for my aunt, and so I did. Here is what I did

8 tbs of coconut oil,
2 tbs of grape-seed oil
2 tbs of honey with wax
8 drops of Lavender oil
12 drops of Lemon oil

It smells so good and moisturizes your hands very well. I hope my aunt likes it.

After the kiddos fell asleep, my hubby and I pulled out all our stones and tools and got to working. We made some more earrings. Practicing our techniques, the plan was to set a table up at a fundraiser for my school People's College of Law the first year law students are raising some money to take a BAR review course, I could use it too, but Im focused on raising funds to take the darn thing, let a lone take a BAR review course. That would be ideal, but Im realistic.

Bad news, its likely we wont be going to event because Miztli caught a stomach flu, we have been controlling a high fever as of yesterday afternoon.

Good news, we created lots of new designs....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Spring is one of my favorite time of the year. Yesterday I took it upon my self to set a small little altar on my desk at work in celebration. Can't wait to go egg hunting with the kids.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Give Away

Okay, I think that my previous Free Give Away post was dismissed for lack of clarity, so here it goes again with some updates.

Its that time again for a free give away.

These are the rules of the game; 1) must comment on all post for the month of March 2013 ;) 2) let me know which one was your favorite on this post 3) Like me on Facebook ;) 4) if multiple persons accomplish the following I will raffle it with the names of all who accomplished  all 3. Dead Line: Spring/Vernal Equinox

                                                                                                                                                          Source: via Ki'Ra on Pinterest

Hump Day

Today and every Wednesday is a very hard day for me emotionally. You see I work at a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting for safe, decent and affordable housing in Los Angeles and on Wednesdays we open the doors for people to walk in and consult on housing issues and tenant rights. We get bombarded with other peoples problems, from being evicted to harassment. I get old ladies telling me they dont have money to pay the rent and dont have family who can help them or they do and their own children wont help. My co-workers and I end up doing some emotional eating, which is so bad. When I remember I bring my Fluorite ring and some crystal jewelry, to keep me from absorbing all that negative energy. I also become very cold and insensitive when talking to people because if I drop that guard I end up feeling like shit and crying my self, giving them my cell number and dealing with their problems all week. Do you ladies have any tips on how to stay strong on this day and every Wednesday?

Physic Readings

Oh my! My Healing Apprenticeship is so incredible. We completed 2 days of a 3 day Physic Reading workshop. We learned how to do an Akashic R...