Monday, March 11, 2013


Although, herbs can be used for magick and I do, I mostly use them for healing. Herbs are very important to me, Im a true believer that herbs can heal any and all illness if treated in time. I was introduced to herbs by the same individual that introduced me into law. He is truly the best herbalist and legal mind I know to date. He has a photographic memory and uses all his knowledge to help others, one of the few people I look up to, to read more visit

A must on my shelve Maca, which my husband and I call Maca Maca because it balances your hormones known to increase a females interest in the opposite sex. One of my favorites is Kava Kava to relax and let the day slip away, its my glass of wine. And for those long school nights, Im so glad those are over, for now, I like taking Ginkgo which improves blood supply going to the brain.

We mix these herbs in a milk shake or smoothies.

On that note I would like to share an herb mix I use, I actually mix and match depending on how Im feeling on that particular day. On this particular day I wanted some energy so I used some bee pollen and Kola Nut for that, Echinacea for strong immune system I always add that and in the back flaxseed for fiber.


  1. Boy I sure could use some of that Kava Kava right about now.. I too believe in using herbs and I know that they work and I love flaxseed. :)

  2. I love herbs too! Thanks for sharing what you use ;o)


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