About me

Im a 38 year old Chicana, living in South California. I am a single mom to two of the most amazing boys in the world (okay, yours are just as amazing :) )

I am Agnostic for the most part. The only so called religion that has captured my attention has been Wicca. I have been studying the religion for the past 17 years. Im a solitary Witch. I would love to belong to a coven and join others in works.

I have many passions. I'm an activist, at least I like to think of my self as one.  After having a family of my own Ive had to cut back and stop getting arrested. One of my many dreams aside from ruling the world is to become an attorney, a peoples lawyer. I attended People's College of Law Class of 2012, a non-profit law school created by and for low income minorities. My goal is to be a defense attorney for youth. Although, my interest in law also include and are not limited to Human Rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, Environmental Law ( would love to go after Monsanto), International Law, Family Law for single low-income women.

My last activist activity was paying a visit to South Dakota to Standing Rock. It was an amazing experience and I was blessed to be given the opportunity to part take in this action.

At this point in my life I have come to the understanding that the most important role I have at the moment is being a parent. This is great opportunity for me to form the core beliefs my children will live by for the rest of their lives. My first child is now 9  and my second child is five, he was manifested with my intent of brining a sibling for my first child as I am an only child and it was sad and lonely. 

Family is very important to us and we love the great out doors, we are preppers and that is a journey all on its own. We love to hike, bike, fishing and camping. 


  1. I love this page! Your cake turned out fantastic! How was it working with the fondant?? You have such a beautiful family and I love that you spend so much time outdoors with your boys, I think it's so important for kids to get out and just be with nature.. I think it's good for the soul, all souls.. I love your love and gusto for life! Grab this 'ol world by the tail and rattle some cages! If anyone can do it, it's YOU! :)

  2. Thanks, Im big and keeping memories via pictures, scrapbooking and crafts. Scrapbooking is hard to get to with small children and a full time job and all the other stuff I do. So this blog is helping me document our life from my office while boss is not here. ;) evil laugh..jajajajajajaja.
    The cake, well, I purchased white fondant pre made, I just added the color but that was hard to work with to get the color in I had to nit it until my hands couldn't take it any more. It took me about 4 hours to make including the baking and all. Miztli loved it and I got the "best mom in the world" award for it.
    We are big on the outdoors, we hike, bike, fish, camp and take walks all the time. We focus on basic survivalism and teaching our children to respect earth and to learn from it. Miztli knows that when he cuts a flower for mommy he must first ask the flower for permission.
    It's hard at times doing it all, work, home, career and being a good parent, not just a parent but a good parent. I always remember that it is my duty to teach my children all that I have learned and for them to be productive individuals as they grow.


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