Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Between your Heart & your Voice

I'am in the middle of a one year Healer Apprenticeship Program which includes a one year cleansing and purification process, working on self. I'm currently working on my throat chakra, although I am dealing with some serious heart issues. I continue to meditate on it and know what I must do and who I need to speak to. Yet there comes a time in which you must simply accept what is and move on. Not fully getting closure, because the answers are clear but hard to accept. And so I deal with the pain and work through it.

I started to wear a Rose Quartz pendent to ease the process. To open myself to love, to self love, love of family, romantic love and universal love. Its a very soft, calming and soothing stone, great for the hearth chakra and all matters of the heart. Highly recommended.

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