Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Love of Pets

I like having pets just as much as I like having plants. They add a special energy to the home. A few years ago my grandfather, my Papachuy told me "it is good to have lots of plants and pets in your home, because when the bad comes your way, your plants and animals will take the hit for you". That type of knowledge is passed on from word of mouth, from studying nature it self and/or it is passed on in DNA, maybe. For those that don't study nature, the information is in books, which I also read. I like Feng Shui's theory on energy and it's flow. I can actually feel the difference in the energy in my home when I move stuff around. 

Our Pets play a very important role in our life. Every day they bring us joy and love. Taking care of our pets is a team effort and we all do our part to keep our pets healthy and safe. The boys learn to take care of someone besides themselves. They are always thinking of getting more pets. I can only take so much. 
List of pets
Lucky our dog
Merlin our cat 
Snapper our turtle
The Super five our fish, named collectively
Ninja our long tail lizard and 
Max our hermit crab


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