Sending Someone Far Away/Open the Doors for Someone Far Away from You. 

I picked up this spell from one of my many books, actually its a combination of spells. Most of the time I find my self researching looking for a particular spell. What ends up happening is a spell is created of many other spells. I take what I like from each to come up with my own spell.

This spell came about from the need to get someone to go away. Its been used to have a bad neighbor move away, a bad tenant move out. Here is what you do.

Things you will need: 
             1 white candle (you can get a small or 7day, however bad the situation is)
             1 handful of dirt
             Sea Salt

Go to a place far, far away from you home or place where that person is currently being a problem. Take dirt * from a far, far away place. Create a circle or what ever you do for your workings, on a flat plate put the candle in the middle and the dirt from far away around the candle along with the sea salt, along with any other herbs you wish to include. I usually use protective herbs. Say your intent before lighting the candle, let it burn, once its all burned. Take the remaining dirt and sea salt to the door step of the person you wish be gone to a better place.** At a night of a waning moon.

Once the dirt, sea salt and herbs have been placed on the persons door step you must sweep it out to the street all while casting your spell. Once you have reached the street, pick up the the dirt and sea salt with herbs in a brown paper bag and take it far far way from your house or place of problem.

I know two people who have tried this spell of mine. One was given a 30 day notice from a tenant two weeks after they did the spell. The other went on a long one month vacation. Remember all our work depends on the energy that is put into it and the ability of the witch.

* Note of warning: Please dont take dirt from a cemetery, that is Black magic and its really not good news. Bad, bad things will come your way one way or another.
** I always include that in my asking, that a better door be open for that person and I thank them for being part of my life for teaching me what they came in to my life to teach me but it is time for them to go to a better place.

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