Saturday, March 9, 2013

It was a Good Day

Yesterday was a great day. I was very productive and my hubby helped too. I got home early and got to working, you see before coming home I stopped by my aunts work place (who is also a witch). I noticed she was putting some vaseline on her hands, I told her she should try some coconut oil. She asked me to get her some and had me some cash. So, I thought what a great opportunity for me to concoct a batch of lotion for my aunt, and so I did. Here is what I did

8 tbs of coconut oil,
2 tbs of grape-seed oil
2 tbs of honey with wax
8 drops of Lavender oil
12 drops of Lemon oil

It smells so good and moisturizes your hands very well. I hope my aunt likes it.

After the kiddos fell asleep, my hubby and I pulled out all our stones and tools and got to working. We made some more earrings. Practicing our techniques, the plan was to set a table up at a fundraiser for my school People's College of Law the first year law students are raising some money to take a BAR review course, I could use it too, but Im focused on raising funds to take the darn thing, let a lone take a BAR review course. That would be ideal, but Im realistic.

Bad news, its likely we wont be going to event because Miztli caught a stomach flu, we have been controlling a high fever as of yesterday afternoon.

Good news, we created lots of new designs....


  1. That lotion sounds divine and those earrings are beautiful! Stomach flu.. Boo.. Lots of healing prayers to you and yours.

  2. @ Debra, thanks we need to boost our sales. Blessings
    @ MiMi, the lotion smells divine, the cute earrings are my creation my hubby created the others, he has no taste, lol. Miztli is getting better. Thanks for the witchful thinking. Blessings

  3. I would love to smell the lotion you made! All the best with your jewelry! Looks like some fun designs! I hope Miztii is feeling better! Blessings.

    1. Smells yummy and feels so smooth, I want to keep it for my self. Hubby and I did have some fun making them and Miztli is still fighting his bug, but he is a champ about it. Bless it be


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