Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Altar's

 I love having altars all around my home. This is the altars right at the entrance of my home.

It includes little nicknacks I find threw-out the years. Crystals always play a part in my altars and sea shells.

The candle holder you see next to the Wizard was a gift back in 2001 from the first Wiccan I met. She noticed my pentagram and said "Bless it be", my eyes opened wide and responded with the same Blessing.

This past year I bought a large pink quartz heart which is right in front of my white quarts, a gift from my mother. Next to the quarts you can see a small bowl of sea salt with a cayenne pepper, not sure how that got there but when I saw it there I just left it there. I also put my crystal rings on the sea salt bowl when I come home from the worldly world.

A money tree and a feather my oldest son brought back from our last camping trip. And my most precious of all treasures, a large purple corral brought back form a La Habana, Cuba on one of my visits. It was found on one of my trips the the beach with my soul mate when in our honey moon stage. The yellow and green container is one of my partners Santos from the Orishas tradition.

This is the altar I keep for my ancestors, it includes the first two generations of witches in my family. My great-grandmother on my mothers side, mother of my grandfather, at the bottom left. My aunt Silvia the second generation at the top left, she is my mothers oldest sister. Her and I shared a birthday together, it truly was a special relationship in deed.

My aunt kept a life size statue of Venus in white porcelain at the entrance to her home. As soon as I saw this replica at a pagan pride festival I new I had to get it for her. I like to keep a candle burning most of the time, usually when I think of them and miss them or when I would like some help. A cup of water and a beer for my uncle at the bottom right who was a drinker. Every now and then I add some coffee or some wine or someones favorite food or drink.

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