Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Tarot

I was about sixteen years old visiting my cousin in Arizona, actually it wasn't a visit it was more like a detox. You see around that time I liked the natural healing herbs and my mother didn't think it was proper and so I was sent away and as a punishment I had to babysit my cousins three little girls.

One night she came home with a deck of Tarot and a few books. She played with them for a few hours and then went to bed. I asked her if I can play with the and she allowed me to do so. With her she took a couple of books to read before she fell a sleep. The next morning she made mention that it was a mistake of her to have allowed me to play with her new cards, she went on to explain that she read in one of the books that when the cards  are new they must be possessed by the owner of the cards only because if the cards have not yet been possessed, for lack of a better word, they can be over powered by the other person who touches your cards for long periods of time. Well, that is exactly what happen with her deck, I over powered them so that when she attempted to play/use her deck it did not obey, it didn't answer her questions, the deck acted erratic.

She ended up giving me the deck which was  the Rider Waite Tarot deck with a book titled Tarot in 10

minutes, now the book is falling apart and I still have the Tarot deck. I keep it in a wooden box given to me by my mother, they fit most perfectly. This deck is pretty special and accurate, although, I still use my books and I do not practice very frequently. Im pretty selective as who I read their cards too and I usually do not charge. I will gladly take an invite to lunch or a cup of coffee and I have taken donations of as little as five cents and as much as five dollars.

I have several Tarot decks each have a special place in my hear and others don't. They simply do not call to me, they did when I purchased them but maybe they are just not for me at this moment in time.

I have this tarot deck which I usually use for the purpose of work related issues, its very technical, but if you have a burning love/relationship question it will come through. Its pocket size so its nice as a pocket/purse Tarot. This deck comes in a small box with the deck and a book.

I took it to my work place and placed it on my altar there, decided to do a daily personal reading. I also went down stairs with my friends from the law firm and read all their cards. That was fun.

I also took my Love tarot as most people always want to know about love. This deck only has the Major Arcana and comes in a box with the deck and a book. Each of the girls had a reading with each of the decks.

Last year I ordered another pocket size deck which I hoped was not so work related, I just began to use this deck and carry it with me at all times. The problem with this deck is that the book at comes with it is so small it also has 3-4 key word for each card.

Lastly I have the Renaissance Tarot Deck I picked up at a swap meet. This deck is sitting on my main altar I keep in my room. I have not used this deck just yet.

                                                             I usually use the Celtic Cross for my readings, but Im thinking of changing things up this year and really practice every day, so that I may develop my skills.

The spread I would like to learn is something like this, but its not a weekly spread. I recall being young and being taken to a lady who read my cards with the whole deck and that is what I would love to learn how to do.

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