Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Runes

A few years ago I created my own Runes set. It was very simple, I picked up rocks from my hiking trips and visits to the beach. I then used a permanent marker to draw each Rune symbol on each rock and then put a coat of clear nail polish.

I like to keep all my tools around my home on book cases and altar's. I had my set of Runes at my mothers home in a book case, I tend to place such things along with a book to describe what they are, so that when people visit they can admire my tools as they move around the home.

We recently moved from my mothers home, so I have been slowly bringing my things out of her home and into mine. This past week I brought my Runes Set and book and placed it in my altar I keep at work. Because the environment at work got to be a bit harsh, I decided to place a very visible altar at my work place which includes my Runes set.

Every morning, as Im always the first one in the office, I take five minutes to do a Tarot reading and now I included a Rune reading. Which is really me picking a Rune a day in hopes of me developing my skills.


  1. I love this. I have this same book! :) A friend of mine gave it to me with a set of rune stones she had made herself as well, the same way you did. :) I've been meaning to make a set for myself for quite some time and this post reminds me to do just that.. As soon as the snow melts and I can find some stones! :) Great post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's remarkable, and I must say, very pleasing to the eyes!

  3. Im glad you gal's liked the post, it means a lot to me. Making your own runes is fun and I also think it instantly creates a deep relationship with your set. I pick one out every morning and its messages are loud and clear.


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