Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cleaning your Work Place

I came to my work place this morning to find my co-worker all worked up over some harassing emails from our boss. He is harassing her over our donations and how her total should of been $524.58 and not $524.00, seriously, seriously. He gets my blood boiling.

It all began when an ex-employee came to volunteer for a week, who happened to be on old pet of his. I am sure he was only to spy on us. So, I decided to clean the office and sweeten him up, my boss that is. Here is what I did.

I got our little salt shaker and poured some salt all over the office floor, then I swept it all up out the door, put it in a bag and had Josie the intern take it down stairs to the dumpster.

How, did I sweeten my boss up? This spell I got from my husbands religion that of the Orishas also known as Santeria. You get virgin paper, I use brown paper bag paper, we didnt have any here so I used the brown paper bag from the sugar bag. You write the person you want to be sweet to you three times with a pencil, then you place the paper on a flat small plate and pour some honey over it. We didnt have honey so I put lots of sugar and added a bit of water. The thing about being a witch sometimes you have to improvise.

I would burn some sage, but I dont have any here. I must add "bring some sage to work" to my imaginary to do list.


  1. I love this. I sweep out the negativity every day in every way! So important! :)

  2. I think I should do it more often my boss came in for 2 hours and called in sick the following day. Cant beat that. ;)


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