Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smudge Fan

A few weeks ago, my partner went on one of his trucking trips and he came back with a hand full of feathers. He mentioned that he found a dead Buho (spanish word) and he took its feathers. I said "oh how cool", and placed them on our altar. However, I had no idea what a Buho was so I didn't really pay much enfices on them.

Not until this morning that I was on my Pinterest and found this Smudge Fan, did I know what I would do with the feathers my partner brought me.

By the way a Buho is an Owl, so for us magick folk, it is a very special finding in deed.

I plan to make a Smudge Fan of my own with the feathers. I will share it once Im finished with it. Im sure I will have left over feathers, so I will be making more smudge fans and putting up for sale on my webpage.


Feather Symbolism

  • Feathers are symbols of the Native American way of life. Native Americans use bird feathers to ascend and connect with spirits in a higher plane. The feathers can represent many things to various tribes, such as freedom, power, honor, wisdom, trust and strength. Feathers are worn on headpieces and clothing as well as tattooed on the body. The entrances of homes and sacred rooms sometimes have owl feathers attached as a symbol of protection. The owl feather alone can represent death; however, combined with a hawk feather, it represents life.

Wise Old Owl

  • Owls are a symbol of the spirit world. The bird represents the power of knowledge and wisdom. The bird is a connection with the wise elders and leaders. Native Americans use owl feathers as symbolism for knowledge power in prayers for protection in avoiding accidents. Lenape tribes of Delaware believe that if you dream of an owl, the bird will become a guardian and adviser.

Read more: What Is the Meaning of Tawny Owl Feathers to Native Americans? |


  1. I have a spirit guide named "White Feather" and when I am where I should be, spiritually centered, I find white feathers everywhere and they really just make me smile.. They also tend to lead me down paths I should be following. :) - Did I tell you I LOVE your blog?? :)

    1. :) you make me smile. Im happy you love my blog. Its my way of staying focused on my path. I didn't realize how my daily life is filled with magick and the magickal life I live, until I began to share my path on this blog. I guess I take it for granted.
      I have not had the great privilege of knowing my spirit guides, you are very lucky in deed to have a relationship with your guide(s).
      I hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful witchy friendship.

      Blessed Be


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