Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Orishas

I have been going to the same Babalao  (an african priest) for the past  17 years. I was introduced to the religion of the Orishas when I was 16 on a detoxing vacation of some sort. 
Numerous times I was told by the Babalao that he was not sure who I belonged to, what god or goddess my head belonged to. I know too little about the religion to even try to explain that. To say the least, he makes mention of three Orishas who's energies surround me. 

The first is Yemaya, the goddess of the ocean. As I child and this is very personal in deed and I not yet understand the reason behind this, as a child I would think of the way I would like to die, I came to the conclusion, back then, that I wanted to drown in the sea. I grew up having dreams of great waves coming right at me, be it while on the beach or running from them on the streets, running out my home which was being consumed by the sea.

As I grew older my mother took me to a numerologist, I was told that Yemaya was calling upon me. That in my past life I died by the sea around the age of 26 or so, and that around that time in my life I had to be very careful because the incident may repeat itself. Interestedly enough that is exactly when Yemaya brought to me my soul mate which I had asked from her only three years before. 

Second, I have been told that Oshun is another energy around me, she is the goddess of the revers. Yemaya and Oshun are sisters or cousins, not sure. In fact Once in a Blue Moon (look for the blog with this title), when I requested my soul mate I had been instructed to give an offering to Oshun because she had been watching over me. I was told by my Babolao to take 12 white flowers to the ocean and dedicated them to Oshun as all rivers end at the ocean. Her color is yellow which reminds me that my mother has always loved how that color looks on me. 

Thirdly we have Chango, he is the god of fire, lightning and thunder, Oshun being his wife. I am an Aries a fire sign so this may have something to do with it.

I wont actually know who my so called head belongs to unless I take the religion as my own. Because, I am more of a witch/pagan/wiccan then anything else I find it impossible for that to ever happen. 

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  1. I'm a Wiccan and I honor Oya, Oshuna and Yemaya as the goddesses they are. I think you can honor and invoke those who resonate with you. The Universe doesn't care what name you call yourself, don't let that stand in your way, accept what spirit has in store for you. Follow your path. Blessed Be


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