Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Urantia Book

About ten years ago as I began my love for knowledge I found a book. Back then I use to run errands for a very special person in my life Mr. Djehuty Ma'at-Ra the best herbalist I have ever meet and a great  legal mind. He is the reason why I went back to the law. So, I would help him out by filing legal documents in court. In return I would get gift cards to book stores.

On one of my trips to the book store I was drawn to this book, I could put it down, but I didnt understand one word in the book. The book cost $24.95, its likely I had a $50.00 gift card so that was half of my gift on a book I did not understand. I really thought about getting it and at the end I walked way with the book.

It has been on my book case next to my room in my mothers home for ten years now. From time to time I would pick it up and open the pages and still  had no idea what it was telling me. Last week, one of the interns from my work place brought back the books I loaned her and asked for more. As I looked  through all the books in our book cases, I found several of interest for Emily the intern. But I was also attracted to The Uratia Book, I picked it up and opened it to glance at its pages. As I read the black and white printed letters on its pages, I was actually able to form words that I understood. I could read it.

It's an amazing book. This morning I picked it up as I drove, (people say don't drink and drive) for me its dont read and drive. I opened the book to a section titled "The Universal Father, 7. Spiritual Value of the Personality Concept". I always wondered why organized religion personified the Force, Energy, God, Universe. Well, this section explained it, it makes sense, but I dont know if I buy just yet. I have to keep reading.

I found it very interesting that I was able to understand the book after having it for ten years. I thought I would share it with you guys.


  1. Oooh.. This sounds very interesting and now I'm going to have to find it! Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. Wow, this book is pretty deep. I think that its a must read for those who are looking a spiritual truth as I am. It turns out to be an old book in deed. Tells about our source and the different universes and super universes. The Father, the Mother, the trinity and different beings, that is just what I gathered from a glance. So, interested I decided I have to read word for word, as I was just jumping around, randomly opening the book when I had a chance. But its has been snatched from me, my husband took interest in it. We need to order a second one on Amazon.


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