Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Things About Myself

  1. Love talking about politics, law, religion and magick. As all of those things build the world around us, how could people not want to talk about it. I question everything, even my self. 
  2. I believe every human around the world has the right to travel freely, to health care and education. There should not be any private property, the earth belongs to all of us and when we die we dont take it with us. 
  3. Im a do it your self kinda gal and I believe I can do it better then most because I always do my best.
  4. I dream big and don't tell me I cant do it! I can do what ever I want. 
  5. Im inpatient specially with people who are slow or ignorant. And dont repeat stuff to me, I get it the first time you say it and if I dont I will ask. 
  6. I think of how my life impacts others at all times, while I drive, walk, talk even when I have my occasional cigaret (I will not smoke in front of children no, no, no)
  7. I have mild-dyslexia and ADD and take natural herbs for that (occasionally)
  8. Im a herbalist, love herbs for healing and for magick. 
  9. I secretly want to be the Chicana Martha Stewart. 
  10. I want to own my own Store full of magickal stuff and herbs. 


  1. Love x 10. :) You will be one of the few who actually make the changes you wish to see.. Go get 'em! ;)


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