Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Book Fair

A couple of weekend ago we had the Spanish book fair in town. We stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and for those who dont know Im a book collector. I purchased two books for my children one of which was a Wizards book titled "Magos". It is a lovely book which describes the different type of Wizards, those who use the power of persuasion, the power of illusion and many more. It reviews the the items/tools a wizard needs and the history. It is in Spanish but a very good read.
Then during the week I had a home inspection up in the valley. When I drive up there I like to stop by one of the old fashion book stores owned by an old couple. There I found this great Wizard Handbook which includes 50 spells. My idea is to give it to my oldest child when he has the ability to use it.

On another note, whats up with pinterest, I was able to add my pictures without the widget. Anyone know if we can still do that and how?


  1. Sorry, I just started Pinterest, don't know much about it! Love these books!!!

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