Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Been a While!

Ladies, I've been super busy as can be.

You will be pleased to know I continue to study for the BAR exam, taking the BAR SECRETS approach. Have 8 topics memories in level 1. Need to speed it up a bit.

I actually got some work done on my Book of Shadows, have no idea how that happened but here are a couple of pictures. I water colored...all credit goes to Magic Love Crow.

Also, I just found out someone left a dead chicken and some bones with chilly on them right at the entrance of my mothers home. She is of the believe that if you believes in it she gives it power. However, I believe it has power whether you believe or not as long as the other person believes. I told my cousin who is a much stronger witch then I and we agreed to cleanse my mothers home while she is not there. Im thinking of adding a magickal grid at her house for future protection.

The children are children my oldest will start kindergarden next month. He will be attending a charter school which will teach him English, Spanish and Nahualt (Aztec) and Mandarin. He is really exited and so am I. Love the back to school specials cant go wrong with that. The little one gave me a black eye last week, as I lay in their bed set on the floor talking to my best friend about her adventures in her last trip to Brazil. My boys ran around the house the little one came running into the room and flew super man style right into my face, breaking my glasses right in my face, the glasses broke and cut my eyelid about an inch. It was a nasty nasty black eye and everyone even my mother, mainly my mother thought it was my loving partner. I felt super bad for him, as he was given the dirty looks and I the "oh, I feel sorry for you" look. It was indeed embarrassing.

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  1. You are a sweetheart to mention me! My friend, it is all you! Let the energy flow and if you are suppose to create, you will! ;o) Your Book Of Shadows looks great!
    Please cleanse your mom's home and protector her!
    I am so sorry about your eye! That must have hurt!!
    Congrats on earning more money!
    All the best ;o) Many blessings ;o)

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