Saturday, May 20, 2017

Finding Self Again

Wow!! I know its been such a long time, I didn't even remember the site or what email I used to create this blog. I had to look back at my old On-Line Organizer.

I would like to explain a little about what happened as part of my journey back to self.

I found myself in a relationship with a narcissist. It is said that Empaths fall victim to narcissist fairly easily. So there I was several years into my relationship which I thought was like a fairytale, love at first site. My dream quickly turned into a nightmare. Needless to say that relationship ended with an Attempted Murder police report against my Ex.

As soon as the nightmare was over, I began my journey back to self. It has been a long two years, but I am finally here again. I begin to see a glimpse of self again. I have been doing a lot of work.

  • Weight loss: Being in an abusive relationship takes a toll on your emotions and on your body. I found my self emotionally eating. My highest weight was 201, since then I have lost 25lbs and continue to work on my weight. I began to create a healthier lifestyle and eating habits. I usually skip dinner, fasting about 16 hours a day. I eat much healthier, take many supplements, minerals, herbs and the such to keep myself felling heathy. 
  • Healing Apprenticeship: I'm in the middle of a year long healing apprenticeship. It is amazing!! I am now a REIKI Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner and working on the Sound Healing certificate. If you are in Los Angeles and would like to book a session please message me or comment below. 
  • I'm an Empath: Via my journey back to self, I came to discover I'm an Empath. I'm learning how to deal with other peoples emotions and to be able to differentiate my energy from other peoples. 
  • BAR Exam: I'm currently studying for the BAR exam in July 2017. This will be my 3rd time taking the exam. My first time was in 2012 and I was about 120 points off, the second in 2014 was even worse (as it was very close to the end of my relationship and it was a very bad time for me). I've been studying for months now but still feel I'm not ready. June 15th is the deadline for me to pay for it, the fee is close to $1000 including room and food, which I am unable to pay for at the moment. I just keep studying hoping it will all work itself out if it is meant to be. 
  • Crafting: I am back to crafting. From making fairy gardens to making healing salves and of course Im back to journaling, reading and organizing my thoughts. I came to a realization that part of the reason I stopped being happy in my relationship was because I stopped doing what made me happy, I stopped taking care of self. But I also see that I did so in an attempt to sustain the relationship. I gave self up for the relationship and that made me unhappy. 
So happy to be back, expect to see more of me :) 

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