Monday, May 22, 2017

Heart Chakra & Astral Body Spirit Guide

  My spiritual quest continues. This month I'll be working on my heart chakra & Astral Body, buckle up your seat belts and keep your hands and feet inside, it will be a bumpy ride.
I had a hard time during my vision quest this weekend as I sat there and listen to the drumming with my eyes close. My thoughts were all over the place "should I go sit at my favorite place by the waterfall and stream, but that's where I met my last two guides it can't be here again", "oh, the beach, wait I don't want a whale or a mermaid to be my guide", "I'll go to space, what the hell is going to be my guide here, Miztli's (my sons) space worm", "let me go to the stream" "finally, I'll sit here" I thought. As I sat there I felt something come sit by my side, a rabbit? Yup, a white rabbit.
Rabbit reminds us to examine and utilize the tools we have within ourselves. Although our instincts are innate, they also need nurturing and development. Rabbit meanings deal primarily with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Traditionally, rabbits are associated with fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation. 

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