Monday, November 26, 2012


There have been a handful of life experiences, which have shaped my way of thinking. Today I share with you one of those experiences.

It was 1997 the year I graduated from high school, it was towards the end of the year and I had just received my panorama picture. Class days where short and that didn’t matter much because I tended to ditch a bit. That afternoon we decided to go to one of my close friends home with his brother, a friend and my cousin.

There we where sitting in his living room, after smoking some natural healing herbs, when he decides to roll up the panorama picture and hold up to his ear. He smiled at us and said, “you can hear the ocean” as he passed it to my cousin. She too held it to her ear and said, “wow! you can hear the ocean”. I was next, so I held my hand out to get the panorama picture and I too attempted to hold it up to my ear.  However, I was so far gone that I couldn’t find my ear, that of course created lots of laughter between us all. After the laughter settled and I finally found my ear, I too could hear the ocean.

The sound of the ocean took me far away to a place right by the seashore, with waves crashing in some large rocks and I running along the shore in a long white dress, I could see my long beautiful hair blowing in the wind as I jumped over the rocks.

Then I hear my name from a far, Ana, Ana. My cousin and my friend had been calling my name. My cousin asked “what happen, we where calling your name and it was like you where gone”. My friend looks at me and while smiling tells me, “I saw you, I know where you went”. He goes on to describe the exact vision which I have just shared with you down to each and every detail.

It’s been fifteen years sense that event took place, but it is one of those events which one never forgets. I haven’t been able to find reasoning to how or why that happened. I only get to keep that unforgettable memory shared with a friend. 

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