Thursday, November 29, 2012

Self Control

The hardest part of knowing the potential we all have and the ability we share to mold or create the future. The knowledge one gathers of the powers that lay before us is so tempting to use against those who have harmed us. What drives a person to intentionally cause harm to another. Is it the same feelings that dwell deep inside me for the past two days anger, hate, frustration and impotency. 

Yet I have this knowledge which I can use against them. What holds me from doing it? Knowing its wrong, knowing Im not like them, knowing that to harm another they too must be feeling all the emotions I mentioned above. Im perplexed because this persons lives harming others does that mean that they live in a permanent state of hate, frustration and all those negative emotions. 

I was told by a very wise wizard I should help them, I should be nice. I told him that at this moment I am unable to do that as Im using all my energy not to hurt them and take vengeance upon them. I think of the three fold rule, some say its 7 and Ive also read 10. Who knows, I do know what goes around comes around for sure. At this point I know I will not act upon my thoughts, what I would like at this point is to have self control to stop my thoughts from running wild. How do I stop my self from wishing another harm?

I have a beautiful family and life it can get challenging which only makes me be grateful for all the good in life. I do not dare put my happiness in peril or my family in harms way.

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