Monday, November 26, 2012

My Book of Shadows

I've been working on my Book of Shadows for several years now. I first found the book, as soon as I saw it I new it was meant to be my Book of Shadows. I've actually have worked on a few books.

I have my first Book of Shadows which I began right after I dedicated my self. It was a gardening book which had nice page decorations of the seasons. I still have it and it was wonderful working on it. I also have an internet Book of Shadows composed of printed material I found on the web.

But this is my favorite, it is truly special, as you can see. Each letter has been hand picked and carefully crafted. So far I have the title page as seen in the picture. The Books protection spell, and a couple of pages which are still in the drafting stages.

I have 300 pages in the book and so I have taken the time to draft an outline of the chapters and material I wish to cover in my book. I want to focus on goddesses around the world and Santeria/Orishas, herbs and crystals.

Last night I picked it up for the first time after a full year. It seems that just around the winter time I find the need to work on my book. Not sure why, maybe its because the sun is the farthest from the earth and I can get in tune with the moons energy. Im an Aries so I think that the sun being a male energy and Aries being a male energy might have some influence in me, dont know just a thought.

My four year old helped me glue some decorations, he was so exited. I explained to him that one day this book would be his. Wow, isn't that amazing.


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