Monday, November 12, 2012

My Magick wand

I went camping with my family a couple of weekends ago. As we go hiking, biking, camping and fishing when ever we get a chance. On our hikes we take some time to look at rocks, leaves and twigs. Every once in a while I pick up a walking stick to carry with me along the way and my 4year old does the same. There are times I pick up smaller stick to give them a swirl as if to command it to give me a sign, but they never did. Not until our last camping trip, when I picked up a long thin stick and gave it a swirl. I could not believe what I felt it was like a jolt of energy, the hairs in my harm raised and I felt the energy travel my body all at once. So, I tried it again, sure enough it happened again. I quickly told my husband, "I found my magick wand". He turned and ask me what I said so I told him, he responded "really". I handed him my wand and he felt it too. My wand is currently sitting in our alter in the entrance of our apartment. I look at it as I wash the dishes, I wait for a day I will have time to dress it and make it my own. It must be a special day and I must put a lot of thought into the making of it.

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