Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This morning I woke up and began a search to find Feronia, she called my attention right away. Ive always thought we are currently in a process of being enslaved if we havent been already. I believe our human rights are being stripped away from us, hence, the reason I will be a Peoples Lawyer once I pass the BAR. Oh, I havent had a chance to share with you, I received the results of my BAR exam in July 2012 and I was not in the list of names which passed the test. I will be taking the exam again in February 2013. Back to my finding, once an attorney I will be fighting for the freedom of those who have been enslaved by our unjust economic and social system. 

Feronia calls to me for all that she represents. 

Feronia—her name is also sometimes spelled Ferronia– is an ancient, pre-Roman, Italian witch goddess. Ruler of the marketplace—a place traditionally associated with witches—she exerts dominion over magic, freedom, and prosperity. Once upon a time, if slaves managed to sit on a stone in her shrine, their freedom was gained. Feronia’s themes are fertility, abundance, earth, freedom, sports and recreation. Her symbols are fire and coals.  This Roman fire Goddess provides fertility and abundance during even the harshest of times. When boredom sets in, she arrives with arms bearing festive energies and earth’s riches as a ‘pick-me-up’. According to Roman tradition, She is also the patroness and liberator of slaves, or of anything that allegorically enslaves us.

Feronia is to set you free from the chains that bind you. Free from stress, worry, tension, insecurity, doubt, blocked emotion and any other limitations that enslave you and prevent you from achieving your true potential.
Every November 13, the Plebeian games opened in Rome with all manners of sport competitions. This festival also honored the Goddess Feronia and her liberating nature.  Mirroring this theme, get outside and do something physical to release any anger or tension you bear. Give it into Feronia’s care so She can transform it into healthful energy.
Carry a piece of coal today to generate a little of Feronia’s abundance in all your efforts. Keeping this near your stove (or any fire source, like the heater) maintains this Goddess’s energy in your home year-round. If a day comes when you have a really pressing need, burn the coal in Feronia’s liberating flames to release the magic for fast manifestation.
If you find your inner reserves waning with the winter’s darkness, light a candle sometime today to invoke Feronia’s vitality. Better still, light it for a few minutes each day until you feel your energy returning.”
(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)

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